Japanese Animation “recommendations”

Since I watch a lot of animations, I liked to recommend some of my favorite animations. Well, I’ll focus on Japanese animations, for I usually don’t watch except them. We always refer to animation as “anime”.

I guess most of people in Egypt watched the Arabic-dubbed versions of animes like naruto, bleach, meitantei Conan (detective conan), etc. and I’m sure they’ve got the wrong image for these animes.

We classify animes like naruto and bleach as shounen animes, where “shounen” means boy. There is also another genre, which is the “shoujo”, and it means “girl”. Usually shounen animes have a lot of fights and stuff like that, while shoujo animes are usually romantic ones. Well, in my opinion, shoujo and shounen are just namings, because I myself watch both and most of the people do so. So, even if an anime is classified as shounen, it doesn’t mean that it would be boring for girls and vice-versa.

As for my recommendations for shounen animes, I guess people should try naruto and bleach in subbed version again, since they are from the most popular shounen animes. Other than that, you have devil may cry, getbackers, kateikyoushi hitman reborn, and I guess a lot others.

And as for shoujo ones, lovely complex is one of my favorite love-comedy animes. Fruits basket, kobato, special A and skip beat are also some of my favorites. Natsume yuujinchou is also classified as shoujo, but it’s not that romantic. What I like about Natsume yuujinchou is that it’s actually about ghosts and stuff like that, but it’s not that scary.

Also another type of animes is animes for children. Maybe they’re very childish but sometimes they are nice for relaxation. Chi’s sweet home is one about a cat, and the episode is about 2 or 3 minutes. Furusato saisei is another anime for children, which tells 3 folktales per episode.

 Meitantei Conan (detective conan) is of course categorized as mystery, it has more than 650 episodes now. Agatha Christie no meitantei Poirot to Marple is also a very nice mystery anime based on Agatha Christie’s stories.

There are also animes revolving around sports like Bamboo blade, others revolving around cooking like yakitate Japan,where bamboo blade is about kendo, a Japanese sports, and yakitate japan is about a boy who wants to make a bread which represents japan.

Animes are not always series, there are also movies. Well, I have the following recommendations from Studio ghibli. Spirited away, Porco rosso (kurenai no buta), Laputa the castle in the sky (tenkuu no shiro laputa).These ones are very old so they maybe kind of different from other animes, but I like them.

          You can find a great collection of animes at this site:


Written By: Ramza Yousry


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